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Choosing to remodel your home’s bathroom can seem like a scary and daunting task. As much as you may long for a fresh new look, it can often be hard to know where to begin. Remember though, limited space doesn’t have to limit creativity. But don’t worry, Hennie Bothma Constructions are here to help make your bathroom makeover smooth and as stress free as possible.

With our tips and suggestions for products to use, you’ll be well on your way to the bathroom of your dreams in no time at all. Just remember, there’s no need to tackle projects as large as this all alone! Don’t feel silly for calling in the professionals when it comes to installation. After all, they’ll help you get the job done right so you can enjoy the most efficient bathroom possible.

Bathroom makeovers are little trickier since more is involved beyond the decor. Though decoration is important, there is also flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, and counter tops. Plus, you want it to remain functional as well as beautiful, so most projects take a couple of days.

Having said that, here are a few things that can be accomplished in a day or two.

Fixtures: Replacing your plumbing fixtures can quickly transform a toilet. And though you could replace the bigger items, simply swapping out the faucets, shower heads, and handles can give a bathroom new life and a fresh focal point.

Lighting: Do you have old-fashioned brass fixtures, rounded bulbs, or glaring fluorescent? If so, you may need to switch out your lights. Go for track lighting, smaller fixtures, and always focus on natural lighting (skylights, windows, etc.) if you’re able to.

Basins: Toilets seldom change. Showers create more renovations. But a basin is a perfect two-day bathroom makeover. To make more room, tear out the vanity and counters and install a pedestal basin. But if space isn’t a problem, a larger his-and-her basin system may be the solution since it’ll always adds value to the home.

A stylish bathroom is easy to put together with our wide selection of bathroom decorations and bath collections. Plus you can never have too much storage, so add a bathroom space saver for towels, washcloths and other bath essentials.

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