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Let’s be frank. Building Contractors don’t always have a great reputation with the general public. That’s why so many people view the idea of having their own home built with anxiety or fear. However, despite these popular perceptions, many builders are quite reputable. In fact, most are honest and forthright in their business practices. The choice of a building contractor may be the most important decision in the home building process. Choosing a builder early in the process – ideally before you’ve settled on a site or design for your home – can set the stage for a successful house building experience.

Choose Early, Choose Wisely – Why?

The process can be so complex that most owners need professional guidance from the beginning to avoid mistakes in site selection, home design and written specifications.

Your budget probably shouldn’t be among the top criteria in selecting a builder. No builder can quote an accurate price for a home until he or she knows the type, style, building finishes and features of the home, the site conditions, and the type of contract you want to use for construction. Rather than focusing on cost, you may well want to base your decision on the builder’s competence, reputation, professionalism and experience. Here are criteria to consider:

1. Reputation

Look for an established builder with an extensive client list and positive Reviews.

2. Area of operation

Choose a builder who is familiar with the area where you want your home to be built. Local knowledge is important because residential construction is very regional in nature – local building codes, weather conditions, subcontractors or other factors.

3. Design Style

Select a builder who has extensive experience constructing homes in your price range and general design style.

4. Compatibility

Building a home is a highly personal and emotional experience. That’s why you’ll want choose a builder with whom you’ll feel comfortable.

5. Financial stability

Some builders run their businesses better than other builders do. Make sure the building company you select is financially viable.

6. Financial strength

Success in the home building business is earned by building a quality product at a fair price. A builder who is financially successful likely will still be in business during the warranty period for your new home. Further, successful builders are in the best position to contract for the services of top subcontractors and suppliers—the people who will actually build your home.

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