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Even before Designing and Building, you already know precisely what you require and wish for to have in your new home. Have you considered what you don’t want and what you don’t need?

Work out as many details before turning the first shovel of soil. Write down your ideas. Lists the features you want each room to have – just general ideas onto paper. You can even make rough sketches.

Poor planning and budgets that are too small often lead to expectations not realizing, inconvenience and mistakes that cannot be rectified afterwards. When planning on building a new home, look at the home from many angles. Once your ideas are recorded in rough form, begin prioritizing features for your new house.

Overall Planning for a New Home

Consider your current and future lifestyles. Think about the future. How long do you plan on staying in this home? Do you have or plan on having children in the coming years? Do you have ageing parents? Are you planning to operate your own business out of your home in future?

Only you know what is best for you and your family

You know your existing and future needs. Professionals can make suggestions but they cannot tell you what you do and don’t need.

Space Planning

Space planning and design is crucial. Plan for storage, space in your bathrooms, bedrooms, but pay attention to where you place your storage space. Does the master bedroom really need an oversized walk-in closet when the space could potentially be added to your bedroom or main bathroom or living area?

Under-utilized rooms and space – It often happens that an unused room becomes a dumping ground to things that never get used. If you plan on adding a spare room, make sure that it is a room that can transition well from one type to the next.

Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light, when possible, should be the main source of light. Windows should be as large as possible while adding skylights for natural light can be a consideration. Skylights reduce the need for artificial light and makes your new home more energy efficient.

Placement Considerations

Plan the placement of your garage. It gives protection against the elements (rain and muddy feet) and helps when carrying groceries and other heavy articles into your house.

Bedrooms – The main bedroom needs to be as far away from the noise and traffic as possible. It should ideally be at the far end of the house, the end furthest away from living areas and the garage.

Kitchen – If possible, the kitchen should be placed near a garage or back entrance, as well as near the dining and living areas. This positioning will contribute to diverting foot traffic from the main living areas.

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