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The main challenge with any Home Improvement Project is the Clock. You want to spruce up the bedroom, renovate your bathroom, or transform your kitchen, but where are you going to find the time? Oddly enough, a main anxiety among homeowners isn’t how much the job costs or how much work is involved; instead, the main concern is how long it’s going to take. And that’s a valid question: the longer the job, the more money and labour it’s going to require. Initially, it’s hard to guess how long a chore will take, so here is a timeline guide to help you organize any home remodel around your schedule.

One-Day Bedroom Makeovers

Bedroom makeovers needn’t be a huge undertaking since several small touches can be accomplished in a single day. The point of any remodel is to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed. So take one Saturday at a time and schedule a small renovation each week.

Painting: A fresh coat is a quick and inexpensive way to rejuvenate any room. For bedroom makeovers, it’s best to stick to warm, rich colours. To save even more time, just paint a single accent wall to create some spice.

Redecorate: Spend a day at the store. Buying a few knick-knacks, pillows, and sheets is a fast way to reinstate a new sense of style. The hard part about this bedroom makeover is finding the perfect item, so take your time during the selection process.

Reupholster: In one morning, you could buy new fabrics for your chairs, loveseats, and drapes. Then in the afternoon, replace the window treatments and reupholster your furniture to create a seamless pattern throughout the room. By taking one step at a time, a bedroom makeover may take an entire month, but in reality it only takes a few hours.

The question then arises: Should I do the home renovation myself or hire somebody. Unfortunately, no one can give you the right answer.

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